At the end of 20th century, Europe taking into account 21th century to be an information century took some measures in higher education. Europe aimed to establish new higher educational system by which all European countries can cooperate and complete each other and compete with the other rivals in higher education. Bologna declaration was signed by 29 countries on 9th of June, 1999. A body called ‘Bologna Follow up Group’ was built up and it was decided to meet all ministers of education in every two years. Ministers encounters in every two years and decide the future of education in Europe. Turkey participated such group in Praha meeting in 2001. 3 additional targets in higher education were added to the original 6 main targets determined previously.  The prerequisites in Bologna process are a) feasibility in understanding and comparison for the degrees obtained from various higher educational institutions b) establishment of a system assigned as graduate and post graduate education with European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) c) easy mobility for all students, lecturers and other administrative staff d) cooperation for quality assurance in higher education e) awareness increase about European values f) lifelong learning and g) establishment of European higher education environment.