Incoming Students
For incoming students; please sends your application and accommodation forms until  August 31 for fall term and until December 31 for the spring term. The application form should be accompanied by a proposed Learning Agreement. 

Outgoing Students
Outgoing students for next term are selected in current term. Call for submission is published by web page of both Erasmus office and at the main web page of university.  Candidates from all faculties, high vocational collages and etc. possessing at least 2.2 over 4 average transcript score apply for learning and placement  mobility programs. Post graduate students should have at least 2.5 over 4 general transcript score for application. Application forms are collected by both departmental and faculty coordinators and delivered to Erasmus office of the university before deadline. Then the English qualification exam is held for approved candidates by Erasmus office. At least 50 over 100 grade receiving candidates are considered as successful. 50% of transcript record + 50% of language exam score is equal to ‘general qualification score. A rank for qualification grades is performed according to quota assigned to departments or faculties. Therefore nominees are clarified. Students to utilize from placement mobility are selected by similar method as employed for student learning mobility. But here final qualification grade is calculated as follows; 50% of ToR +50% Language qualification exam grade. 

Incoming Staff
 Lecturers and administrative staff of the universities for EU member or candidate countries can visit our university for short term for either teaching or training mobility purposes. In teaching mobility a bilateral agreement is required. Whereas, a current bilateral agreement is not necessary in training mobility.  Candidate can find one’s training institution and sign an agreement. It is considered as valid bilateral agreement. Incoming staff is required to have an approved teaching or training plan approved by Host University. Those are the same for administrative staff.

Outgoing Staff
Outgoing lecturers should be Turkish citizen and the permanent staff of Harran University. Candidates are advised to submit their certificates indicating language adequacy. Draft teaching plan and application form should be filled up and submitted to departmental or faculty coordinators before deadline. All prerequisites given above are also valid for training mobility.  Current bilateral agreement is not necessary for training mobility. Personal agreements are adequate for this type of mobility. Nominees are determined according to the criteria such as language adequacy, potential benefit of program and being a former Erasmus utilize. Committee headed by deputy rector determines the nominees and the list is announced by web page.