Erasmus Policy Statement
With its past dating back for centuries,Harran University receives its name from the historical town of Harran which is situated 44 km. southeast of the city of Sanliurfa. HU is known to be one of the first universities of the world and of the most important centers in history where many world-famous scholars had studied.After a period of one thousand years,in 1992,HU was reestablished. HU is in the center of Sanliurfa city, and its activities are pursued at three campuses. The Yenişehir Campus with its 48000 sqm. of land is located in downtown Şanlıurfa. The Osmanbey Campus is located 22 km. east of Şanlıurfa, and Eyyübiye Campus is 8 km. south of the city.
Sanliurfa is the home city of HU. It is one of the oldest settlements in the world with its history going back to 11000 years before now. The city is situated on a plain under big open skies,about 82 km. east of the Euphrates river.
Harran University supports the EU Modernisation and Internationalisation Agenda for Higher Education, and the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education is integral to the realisation of our institutional plans, strategies and aspirations.

We believe that higher education is a power for good and makes a significant economic, intellectual and cultural contribution to the world.  We are committed to international excellence through the creation of world-changing research and high quality, inspirational teaching within an inclusive academic culture.
All successful partnerships are the result of shared commitment to, and mutual benefit from, the relationship.   Many of our partnerships result from individual links between academic staff.  Others have been introduced through existing partners or other networks.  Our international partner institutions are diverse, reflecting the different needs and priorities of our partners’ and our own students and staff. 
Our Objectives:
• To enhance the University’s global research reputation through establishing a series of strategically-conceived mutually-beneficial partnerships.
• To recruit and retain strong and diverse cohorts of high quality international staff and students.
• To provide an accessible, welcoming, supportive environment for international staff and students. • To encourage the development of an international perspective in all our students.
• To promote, support and resource international activity at the University, raising awareness internally and externally of the University’s international pedigree
Harran University is aware of the fact that successful participation of university, students, and staff in the exchange programmes triggers the expansion of their scope and raises the number of international projects. The main objective is to improve the quantity and the quality of students and staff participating in international projects.
Considering the proportions of each student cycles and high number of first cycle students in Harran University, first cycle students come first among the existing exchange student’s figures too.
While the first cycle students are the primary target group of the administration, students at different levels of study too are encouraged to take part in exchange programmes.